Repeat Prescription Dispensing

Our pharmacy offers a convenient repeat prescription service for those on regular medications. To enroll, just contact us or inquire in-store.

Electronic Prescription Service for Repeat Prescriptions
Managing your repeat prescriptions is now easier with our electronic prescription service. When you order a repeat prescription, it’s electronically sent to your chosen pharmacy. This eliminates the need to collect the prescription from your GP and deliver it to the pharmacy, saving you both time and effort.

How It Works:
1. Nominate our pharmacy for the electronic prescription service, allowing direct prescription transfers from your GP.
2. Order your repeat prescription from your GP when due.
3. Once issued, the prescription is electronically sent to us. Our team will then prepare your medication.
4. Simply pick up your prescription from our pharmacy.

For any queries about your repeat prescriptions, please contact our team or visit us in-store for assistance.